Long-lead equipment



  1. Reactor 
    1.1 Reactor vessel 
    1.2 Thrust collar 
    1.3 Upper block
    1.4 Safety control system drive with a set of appliances  
  2. Steam generator:   
    - Steam generator vessel  
    - Support   
    - Primary loop header  
    - Steam header   
    - Embeded parts 
  3. Pressurizer assembled: 
    - Pressurizer   
    - Pressurizer fastening elements
    - Embeded parts of pressurizer fastening elements   
    - Block of tubular heaters with buses  
  4. Hydraulic accumulators of reactor emergency core cooling system:   
    Vessel of reactor core emergency cooling system
    Fastening elements of hydraulic vessels of reactor core emergency cooling system 
  5. Main cooling pumps with electric motors  
  6. Main coolant piping  
  7. Bubbler in assembly with embeded parts and fasteners


  1. Steam turbine:  
    - with oil supply system controls
    - automation and protection system
    - in-turbine pipework
    - condenser vacuum system
    - steam seal condenser
    - vibration isolators of turbine unit
    - bedplate
  2. Condenser group  
  3. HP heater system  
  4. Separation and reheat system  
  5. LP heater system
  6. Deaerator with deaerator tank and deaerator column  
  7. Main feed pump units  
  8. Supported motorized overhead traveling crane of turbine room