For customers

JCS CEPD, acting on the ground of the agency agreement, provides the following services:
  • Analysis of the market, search of potential suppliers of equipment, announcements on the forthcoming purchases in order to gather budgetary quotations;
  • Analysis of the technical and commercial parts of the received quotations, inclusive supplier cost breakdown sheet justification and verification; 
  • Commodity strategy management;
  • Calculation of the starting (ceiling) prices of the public competitive biddings on the basis of both the actual market level and the previously concluded by CEPD supply contracts, as well as on the budgetary quotations received for supply to the other NPPs;
  • Contract management: contract content writing based on experience of earlier supply contracts execution control; deep knowledge of NPP equipment specifics; supplier best practice; claim and appeal management;
  • Conclusion of contracts for supply of long-lead equipment, for and on behalf of the customer; 
  • Expediting and control of execution of the concluded contracts for supply of long-lead equipment, inclusive key milestone check and acceptance.